Mold Damage
can occur to all surfaces
drywall, molding, clocks, curtains, bookshelves, etc.


Water Infiltration
if left undetected or left unrepaired,
can lead to severe mold and structure damage.


comes in a variety of colors and patterns,
none of which you want to leave on walls or
furnishings in your home. Never try and remove
the mold on your own. Consult a professional first
or you could contaminate other areas of your residence
or cause yourself undo health problems.

Forensic Engineering


Structural damage can occur as a result of water infiltration through the building envelope, an internal water leak, or even a building design, operation, or maintenance problem.

Water Leak Detection


Hidden water leaks can lead to severe mold and structural damage inside wall cavities and cabinets. Mold spores can become airborne and move through tiny crevasses into the main living areas of a residence.

Mold Inspections


Allergy-like symptoms that seem to go away while outside of your home can point to a mold issue inside your residence. Mold does not have to be visible for it to be there.

Indoor Air Quality Answers


Does mold cause health issues?
What is indoor air quality?
I have allergies, is there a test for that?
There is a strong chemical odor in my home, what is it?

Indoor Air Quality

air qualityAllergy-Like Symptoms?

The most common IAQ complaint in the State of Florida is mold.  Mold can present many health concerns such as watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage, and frequent sneezing.

Rodents / Critter Infestations

As the weather heats up, we are encountering more homes infested with rodents, critters, and cockroaches.  We all know that removal of these pests is the first thing that comes to mind, but what about cleaning up after them? All of these pests can carry diseases. Even when they are gone, what they leave behind is just as dangerous.

Clandestine “Meth” Labs

“Meth” labs are becoming a major problem in the state of Florida. They are popping up everywhere including rental homes, apartments, and more frequently, hotel rooms. When a laboratory is shut down, equipment and chemicals are removed by law enforcement, but the property may remain contaminated with methamphetamine and hazardous chemical residues.

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  • Cause & Origin Investigation
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